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AZ Solution team focus on developing top talent and the development of industry leading sills. Be a part of AZ Solution. The challenges, the rewards, your future.

If you are a qualified individual, please send resume to HR@AZSolutionLLC.com

Title: Systems Analyst

  • Master's degree in Computer Information System or related field
  • Profeciency in both client-side scripts and server side scripting
  • Expert in Asp.net, Java, JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Familiar with database systems, webserver administration, desktop system and applications.
  • Develop and design business information systems
  • Analyze & enhance existing application functionalities
  • Write front-end client-side scripts and back-end server side scripts
  • Synchronize global storage systems in compliance with corporate standards.

Title: Market Research Analyst

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics or a closely related field
  • Extensive experience in marketing research and analysis
  • Strong skills in quantitative research, and proven ability in data interpretation
  • Hands on experience in project management, cost/budget analysis and client management
  • Familiar with industry standard analysis strategies, technologies and tools that are used to perform marketing research, data analysis, and cost/expense management
  • Bilingual - excellent verbal and written communication skills in both English and Chinese
  • Documentation skills - ability to prepare clear and concise client-ready documents
  • Highly motivated individuals, excellent academic record is preferred*
  • Experience with international business and economics is prefered*
  • Conduct research and collect/analyze data
  • Evaluate and interpret collected data
  • Forecast future market trends & customer preferences
  • Design marketing plans & strategies
  • Prepare reports and submit strategic proposals on market feasibility & competition analysis

Equal Opportunity: All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.
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